Who Am I?|

My name is Lewis. This is what I am about.

About Me

My name is Lewis Menelaws. I am a programmer, developer and blogger located in Sarnia Ontario.

I got into computers from a love of gaming and after my family shared a Dell Dimension 2400 computer with Windows 2000 installed. I would hog the computer to myself and learn basic programming with games like Roblox.

Later, I would build my own gaming rig with the money I saved up. I learned a lot about IT related matters and eventually persued computer programming as a career. After graduating my local college. I decided to become self employed and have been ever since.

I have been blogging for a couple of years now about programming, life and business. Across all platforms, my posts have over 150,000 views.

A list of things I do:

  • JavaScript w/ React
  • Python w/ Django
  • PHP w/ Laravel & WordPress
  • Git
  • Database Softwares w/ PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Servers and Linux Environments
  • Project Managing

About My Company

My friends and I started a marketing company originally named Tomorrow Media and Creative Marketing after Liwordson (pictured right) came to unify us after all of us worked as freelancers in different fields.

The list of partners (and friends) are:

  • Liwordson Vijayabalan (right)
  • Jason Nguyen (left)
  • Graham Pedregosa (not pictured but very much involved)
  • Victor Laranja (not pictured but very much involved)
  • Lewis Menelaws (middle)

We have been a company since 2016 and ever since, we have seen rapid growth in our area. At first, we used to do strictly marketing related services such as video, web and photography.

Now, our services tailor towards marketing and problem solving using photo, digital and software. We started with 5 and now have over 12 people on our team. The experience has been incredible.

We have served hundreds of people in our surrounding area. There are literally too many to name. All ranging from small business, to public sector and to the coorporate sector.

Don't take my word for it. If you want to learn more, you can visit our website here.