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Receive Promotions from your favourite restaurants & stores.

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Seedz are planted all over your community, you just have to get up and go!

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Are you a business looking to increase outreach strategy and brand loyalty?

Seedz is a geo digital platform where you can reach out directly to your consumers with promotions, products and merch in a way that cuts through the noise of traditional media.


Connect with relevant customers

Seedz is geographical and intentional in who you reach, target your seedz campaign at ideal customers in your area for RIO!

Develop brand Loyalty

Seedz gives brands an opportunity to connect with their customers regularly with precision down to the hour. Have a finger on the pulse of your market and cut through the noise.

Experiential marketing campaigns

Seedz isn’t the same as other digital/internet marketing platforms. With seedz you can capture the attention of your consumer and create time sensitive experiences and reward them for participation.

Global Reach

Seedz are deployed with a click of a button, reach out to audiences all over the world with digital files, promos and more.

Enterprise Reporting

Data is Key, that’s why with Seedz enterprise analytics and reporting you can see relevant data that proves the value of Seedz. This will help you grow and improve your strategy.

Admin Dashboard

Our technical support team will help you along the way with any questions or concerns you might have.

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